Pritom releases new lyrical music video

Sporshia performs opposite the singer

While the whole world is battling against an invisible enemy like novel coronavirus, London-based Bangladeshi singer Pritom Ahmed has come up with a message full of love. The singer has released a new lyrical music video of his song titled ‘Cholo Eksathe Buro Hoi’ (Let’s grow older together) on his official YouTube channel on Monday.

The lyric of the songs follows—‘Amar Jonya Kichchu Chharte Hobe Na/ Cholo Sukh Dukkho Bhaga Bhagi Kore Banchi/Sobai Tomra Torke Jite Geleo/ Harar Jonya Ami Achi/Ekta Jibon Phuriye Gele Pherot Pabo Koi/ Cholo Amra Dujon Eksathe Buro Hoi’.

Written, composed and tuned by Pritom, the lyrical music video has been made with still photographs. Lustrous model-actress Orchita Sporshia has performed as a model opposite Pritom in the music video, which will be release later at a suitable time.

About releasing the lyrical video instead of the music video, Pritom informed that the music video was not released because of the recent coronavirus pandemic situation. The music video will be released when everything goes back to normal again.

Pritom said, “Hundreds of people are passing away every day. No one knows when we have to go (die). In this situation, it could be my final song. So, as long as we live, let’s live with our dearest ones.”

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